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RealityCheck is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization dedicated to deepening public understanding and debate through original robust investigative studies that reach the hearts and illuminate the minds of the next generation.

Our approach is different, and simple… but effective:

In an age when young adults are rightly skeptical, our method is research. Professional, rigorous, investigative research that produces surprising results.

For example, our first research study shows that Holocaust education actually benefits Black communities even more than Jewish communities. That it also reduces hate crimes against Muslims, LGBTQ and nearly every minority community in America. This broad applicability increases engagement beyond the Jewish world.

Though not yet officially published, our preliminary findings are already attracting attention from politicians, academics and international institutions. We are gaining support and cooperation from fellow minority communities, and bringing that support to bear in this crucial work: on television, online and on campus.

Instead of fighting to change opinions, we give people the tools to understand their own opinions with greater depth: turning arguments into real conversations, and making our world less polarized. Our work changes the way we think about each other, reduces hate, and increases the safety of our most vulnerable groups.

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We are a team of professionals with a passion for promoting understanding through accuracy in research and depth in public conversation

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Daniel Pomerantz

Balance of Chaos: A Lawyer Explains Israel’s Judicial Reform

As hundreds of thousands of protesters took to the streets all over the country, the Knesset voted to end the Israeli Supreme Court’s use of the “Reasonableness Standard.”

Daniel Pomerantz

Is antisemitism behind opposition to IHRA?

The small town of Clifton New Jersey faced a shock. Uncharacteristic antisemitic graffiti and vandalism, an unsettling surprise to the local population.

Daniel Pomerantz
Human Rights

How We Beat the Apartheid Libel on Campus

One irreplaceable tool is that we are a credible research organization. I explained to the students that the way Amnesty “proved” their claim of apartheid was by literally changing the definition of the word.