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Our goal of our work isn’t to change your mind but to deepen your understanding of your own opinions. Deeper understanding creates stronger engagement, greater nuance and less polarization. Arguments transform into real conversations and ultimately, into a better world. For everyone.

We are constantly working on original, high profile research projects that impact the public conversation.

Our Latest Study

The Impact of Holocaust education on hate crimes in the United States.

We are conducting a professional research study on the following question: what real world impact does Holocaust education have on hate crimes in various countries around the world?

How does it impact safety for:

  • Jewish communities
  • Black communities
  • LGBTQ+
  • Muslim communities
  • Hispanic communities
  • People with disabilities


Numerous studies have shown that a disturbingly high percentage of young adults know little about the Holocaust or even doubt that it occurred – this is not new information. However, we have yet to see studies that explore why Holocaust education matters at all: how does it impact safety? Crime? Racism? Coexistence? And not just for Jewish communities, but for everyone?

Due to the enormous potential impact of this study, our initial work is already attracting attention from politicians, academics and international institutions. Check back here for updates.

This RealityCheck study opens the door to the important conversations at the highest and most public levels: conversations that change the way we think about each other, and the safety of our most vulnerable groups.

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